Công Tơ Điện Tử Đa Năng AC PZEM 004T

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This module is mainly used for measuring AC voltage, current, active power and active energy, the module does not have display function, the data is read through the TTL interface.
Electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, energy).
The reset function of energy key.
Can store data when power off (store the accumulated energy before power off).
PC display function (display voltage, current, active power, energy).
Serial communication function (with TTL serial interface itself, can communicate with a variety of terminal through the pin board, read and set the parameters).
Material: PCB
Type: PZEM-004T AC voltmeter ammeter+coil transformer, PZEM-004T AC voltmeter ammeter+coil transformer+USB pin board (optional)
Working voltage: 80~260V AC
Test voltage: 80~260V AC
Rated power: 100A/22000W
Operating frequency: 45-65Hz
Measurement accuracy: 1.0 grade
PZEM-004T AC voltmeter ammeter size: 73.7 x 30 x 16mm / 2.9 x 1.2 x 0.6in
Package size: 110 x 60 x 30mm / 4.3 x 2.4 x 1.2in
Package weight:
PZEM-004T AC voltmeter ammeter+coil transformer: 65g / 2.3ounce
PZEM-004T AC voltmeter ammeter+coil transformer+USB adapter board: 68g / 2.4ounce
Display format:
Power: test range: 0~22kW
Within 0~10kW, the display format is 0.000~9.999
Within 10~22kW, the display format is 10.00~22.00
Energy: test range: 0~9999kWh
Within 0~10kWh, the display format is 0.000~9.999;
Within 10~100kWh, the display format is 10.00~99.99;
Within 100~1000kWh, the display format is 100.0~999.9;
1000~9999kWh and above, the display format is 1000~9999
Voltage: test range: 80~260V AC
Display format: 110.0~220.0
Current: test range: 0~100A
Display format: 00.00~99.99
1. This module is suitable for indoor, please do not use outdoor.
2. Applied load should not exceed the rated power.
3. Wiring order can’t be wrong.
4. This module is equipped with TTL serial data communication interface, you can read and set the relevant parameters via the serial port; but if you want to communicate with a device which has USB or RS232 (such as computer), you need to be equipped with different TTL pin board (USB communication needs to be equipped with TTL to USB pin board; RS232 communication needs to be equipped with TTL to RS232 pin board).
Package list: (optional)
Type 1:
1 x PZEM-004T AC Voltmeter Ammeter
1 x Coil Transformer
Type 2:
1 x PZEM-004T AC Voltmeter Ammeter
1 x Coil Transformer
1 x USB Pin Board

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Specification: Công Tơ Điện Tử Đa Năng AC PZEM 004T

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